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Insist on an ORIGINAL-CONTENT site.
- Too many wannabes in VP - so of course we have
ensured links to sites that meet the original-content
criteria. If you have a site that offers that, we would be
happy to exchange links and promote your work.
Don't see your link here anymore? That's because it was dead.
Updated 15 February 2001

For Jewel Box mega updates and more, or
for web related graphics, design and art links,
please visit the Awards page at my other site,
Private Jewels.
Contains links to work by amazing designers
and valuable design resources.
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Download the Mega Head & Mated Mega Head Program & Patches here
(Or download the VP Excite Chat Program -
as of VPBuild160, no need to download the Mega
Program & Patch - also minimises lag ... yay)


( ( HqO ) )

Co-Founder, HqO
Flawless Collections (has reg avs)
Princess Yin (has reg avs)
Artistic Connections
Silent Lucidity Avatars
Another Megahead Gallery
Truly Unique
Back in Black n White Megas
Partners in Crime *The Cell* Avs
VP Elite Artists
Gestures by Skitz
Darq Ink
True Poyntz of Color
MP's Marvellous Megas
Shay's Avs
The Crackhouse
Nicky's Avatars
Avatars by Ken and Kaye
Arial's Avatars
Image Reflections
Cali and Tick Megas
198 Degrees
Blue Rhino Avatars
All About Asha
Gestures by Aby
Defenders Avs
The Mix
Blaze's Original Backgrounds
Poison Stone's Gestures
Avatars by Kyler and Jozz
Mofo's Seductive Wet Site
World Web Cam
TxTamz & TxTrouble
All The Rage 2000 - Mods, Gestures, Painting
The Newest Links Page for Mega & Reg Avs & Gestures
Visit The Stop The Hate Web Site

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Painters: Please read conditions of using my
backgrounds/avs on your site which can be
found on the home page of the Jewellery Box.
Thank you.